Welcome to Jmeow.net!

Hello! Jmeow (Pronounced JAY-me-ow) .net is a website I occasionally update just for fun. Check out my tutorials!

Note: If you go to a page and it shows a white screen, don't be worried, it probably just means I'm working on something new on that page and it is temporarily down. Just check back later, and the issue will probably be fixed! I will do my best to address any issues with Jmeow.net as quickly as possible.


Out now: Jcoins

Check out Jcoins, a new feature of Jmeow Accounts! You can earn Jcoins by completing tutorials while signed in. New tutorials will cost Jcoins to unlock, so you have to earn Jcoins from previous tutorials in order to learn about more complicated things that require knowledge of previous tutorials! You might notice a small indicator under your username in the top right of the screen, that's how many Jcoins you have. Start earning Jcoins today!

Jcoins are not related at all to real money, you can't buy Jcoins with money, or get money for Jcoins. You can have no money at all, and still have 50 Jcoins!